Beans and Friends Hike to Dinkey Lakes

28-30 June 2002
by Bill Finch

This was Bean's first multi-day hike. She was 2 and a half human years old.

at trailhead
On our first day, she and two of her housemates, Jane and Susan posed with her at a sign near the trailhead.

A couple of hours later, we had arrived at First Dinkey Lake with a view of the Three Sisters beyond. at trailhead
First Dinkey Lake and the Three Sisters

We arrived at our campsite at Second Dinky Lake at around five that afternoon and took a well deserved rest. at trailhead
Resting in the tent away from mosquitos.

On day 2 we got a late start and headed for Island Lake. at trailhead
Beans sported a fashionable neckerchief while on the way there.

We arrived at the lake in the early afternoon. at trailhead
Island Lake.

After the rigors of the hike, a well-deserved nap was taken by all... at trailhead
Rocks can be comfy if you are tired enough.

but not very long for Beans. at trailhead
You have rested long enough.

Later in the evening, the rocks on the other side of the lake were bathed in alpenglow. at trailhead
Alpenglow at Island Lake with the top of Dogtooth Peak showing in the distance.

The next morning, Jane decided that Beans needed a bath and threw her in the lake. at trailhead
Beans rolled around on the ground to dry herself off.

On our way out, we posed for a photo in front of the Three sisters. at trailhead
The crew posing in front of the Three Sisters.

We passed by a patch of snow where we enjoyed some Tang snow cones accompanied by a little brain freeze. at trailhead
Really great unless you eat it a little too fast.

Beans enjoyed the snow, too. at trailhead
She had already experienced snow on a trip to Mitchell Peak.

On our way out, we passed Mystery Lake which was hosting a blue dragonfly convention. at trailhead
Blue dragonflies at Mystery Lake.

A great time was had by all. at trailhead
We arrived back at the trailhead in mid-afternoon.


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